The School of Theological Studies at St. Charles Borromeo Seminary offers lay people a variety of learning opportunities highlighted by two new courses this fall.

Introduction to Islam” will acquaint students with the fundamentals of the Islamic religion. Persons with some or no familiarity with Islam will find the course to be very interesting and informative.

Penance: The Gift and Mission of Mercy” is a timely offering during this Jubilee Year of Divine Mercy. The sacrament of penance is a powerful instrument of God’s forgiveness but many Catholics (and non-Catholics) have questions about it. The course provides both theological and practical perspectives that will enrich students’ appreciation of the grace that this sacrament provides.


The school welcomes students of all ages to pursue undergraduate and graduate courses in theology. Students may enroll in a degree program or take courses for personal enrichment.

In addition to the array of interesting courses being offered in this fall there is a wide selection of others including Introduction to Philosophy, Catechism of the Catholic Church, Foundational Course in Sacred Scripture, Synoptic Gospels, Theology of the Sacraments, Moral Theology, Church History, Epistemology, Theology of Grace and History of Black Catholics and Saints.

For more information contact the School of Theological Studies at 610-785-6287 or on the school’s website.