St. Charles Borromeo Seminary offers a variety of learning opportunities for lay men and women. The School of Theological Studies at the seminary welcomes students of all ages to pursue undergraduate and graduate courses in theology.

Students may enroll in a degree program or take courses for personal enrichment during the spring semester in 2017. Two offerings include:

“Introduction to Islam” acquaints students with the fundamentals of the Islamic religion.

“Protestant Reformation to Vatican II” explores the causes of the Protestant Reformation and the Catholic response. The year 2017 marks the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation (Martin Luther, 1517).

The school offers a wide selection of additional offerings in sacred Scripture, Catholic theology, prayer and philosophy. The courses are interesting and informative, taught by knowledgeable and friendly faculty.

If you are considering taking courses at St. Charles Seminary and would like to know more, “Come and See” nights offer the opportunity to tour the campus, sit in an actual class and learn more about the program. Visit or call the School of Theological Studies at 610-785-6287 for more information.