continues the four-week series on Advent from our partner, Catholic News Service.

The reading from Isaiah for the second Sunday of Advent is replete with imagery of the natural world that expresses the anticipation and then the joy of Christ’s coming on earth. Catholics are called to prepare to celebrate that first coming of the Lord and the second coming of Christ at the end of time.

Advent preparation: Are we ready to receive Jesus?
Advent is a time for serious reflection on our lives as disciples of Jesus, and the Scriptures for the second Sunday of Advent give us a wonder-filled look at life for the Christian believer upon the second coming.

How to craft a Jesse tree with your family
There’s great value in knowing your roots. And that’s exactly what a Jesse tree offers kids at Advent — the chance to learn about Jesus’ own family history as well as our connection to stories from the Old Testament.

Roots, stems and other natural images are central to Advent 
Images such as new shoots from dead stumps and lions laying with calves foretell the universal peace that will reign when the Messiah comes, for all peoples will seek out the root of Jesse.