How does a busy person find time for spiritual growth? Sometimes we feel like a perpetual motion machine — kids, sports, jobs, day care, house care, family obligations — the list goes on.

We all recognize the need to set aside time for important things, and how we integrate our work, our leisure and our prayer is the focus of this series of stories from Catholic News Service.

What is ‘holy leisure’?  More than just “down time” and more than simply time between other commitments and chores Sunday should be a day where we intentionally set aside commitments and troubles, and be present with those we love.

Too busy for God?  If you sense a nagging desire for spiritual growth, here are some simple ways to deepen your prayer life without adding one more obligation. God is inviting us to heed Psalm 46: “Be still and know that I am God!”

Taking time to pray — We can’t find or create time so we must set aside time for important things, including time set apart for prayer. Christ remains our model for doing so, as we seeing him doing frequently in the Gospels.