It is nearly impossible to define married love in a precise way, since each couple and family is unique. But there are important steps and actions that strengthen a couple’s love. Those include going to Mass together as a couple and a family, and finding inspiration in God’s Word in the Bible. See our package of faith resources on marriage from our partner, Catholic News Service.

Going to Mass together: The glue of our marriage
Writer Kelly Bothum knows it would be easier to skip Mass when the kids are squirmy and tension with her husband is still simmering. Keep going, she advises. Your marriage will thank you. Much like exercise, “I always feel better after I go.”

How a marriage strengthens and grows
Pope Francis has said that as metal is melted and reformed, so the crucible of family life changes a young couple. Looking back years later, they can see how they have transformed and matured, although they barely felt it.

Scriptural resources for marriage
Numerous verses in the Bible describe the attitudes and behavior that are necessary for a holy life within a community. These same attitudes and behaviors are important within a married relationship as well.