During Lent, Catholics are challenged to embrace the season’s three “pillars” — prayer, fasting and almsgiving. Our package from Catholic News Service helps explore the Catholic Church’s rich traditions of prayers — for today’s Catholics.

Eight ways (at least) to pray during Lent
How can you deepen your prayer life this Lent? Effie Caldarola counts the ways that may be best for you. Remember that God is in control and is infinitely merciful and gracious toward our failings and our efforts.

The penitential psalms: Prayer helps for Lent
Lent calls us to examine our lives, assess our relationship with God and discover where we need to set things right. And the Book of Psalms, with its songs of sin and redemption, is a good start for meditation.

Scriptural Stations of the Cross
This Lent, try meditating on each station with its accompanying verse from the Gospels. Picture yourself in the scene as you accompany Jesus along the Way of the Cross. What does he say? What do you say?