Event Name

Whatever Happened to Hope? – Retreat with Rev. Richard Fragomeni


Event Location

St. Joseph University, McShain Hall, 5th Floor Haub Executive Center,

333 City Ave., Merion Station


Start Date and Time:

Sunday, April 2 – 6pm


End Date and Time

Sunday, April 2 – 9pm


Event Description

The human experience of life is filled with both joy and suffering.

Amid this suffering, we may look at the world and wonder, “Whatever happened to hope?”

How do we reclaim the roots of spirituality in times of struggle?

The answer lies within each of us. When we live with the awareness of God’s continual presence in our lives, we are better able to access such answers.

As we prepare for the Paschal feasts of Holy Week, let us gather and engage our highest symbol of hope: The Cross, which reminds us of triumph in the presence of human pain.

This evening retreat and soup supper will teach us to tap into the Lenten journey of purification and enlightenment to clear and open the “eye of the spirit” in each of us. With this new sight, we can learn to see ourselves and our world as God sees: filled with divine love, joy and power.

Be nourished in body, mind and spirit through the guidance of Rev.

Richard Fragomeni—theologian, author and professor of Catholic Theological Union in Chicago.


This event is sponsored by Sacred Doorways. Registration is $45.00 per person, including supper and dessert.


For more information, contact Sacred Doorways at (609) 702-7858 or email sacreddoorwaysnj@gmail.com.


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