Hundreds of runners hit the streets of Northeast Philadelphia on Saturday, Feb. 4 for a 5K race at St. Anselm Church in support of the parish’s high school youth group. Between 300 and 400 runners take part in the annual “19154 5K Run,” with 336 competing in this year’s event. Proceeds benefit teen parishioners by offsetting costs of events such as the annual Steubenville youth retreat, paintball games and trips to see the Philadelphia Flyers. The funds raised in the race help ensure that “money is never an issue for kids who can’t afford to go — everybody can go,” said Father Mark Cavara, the parochial vicar at St. Anselm’s who helps parishioners organize the race. His predecessor at the parish, Father David Friel, launched the race five years ago and returned this year to run in it — despite temperatures around 30 degrees. (Photos by Matthew Gambino)