Event Name

Spirituality of Work: An Oxymoron or a Real Thing with Dr. Julie Burkey


Event Location

Ashburner Inn 8600 Torresdale Ave Philadelphia PA 19136


Start Date and Time:

April 10th 730PM


End Date and Time

April 10th 930PM


Event Description

Work! For many work is something to be endured—worse still, it is the proverbial rat-race—for sure, spirituality and work do not appear to go together! But, that thinking is at odds with Christian teaching about work. Let’s reimagine work as a means to both grow in our faith and live out our life’s purpose. No one has said it better than St. Catherine of Seina: “Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire!”



Julie Burkey discusses how we can apply our spirituality in our work