Fatherhood — like all parenthood — is a vocation, a call from God. Our package from partner Catholic News Service looks at a father’s complex and multifaceted role. He serves as a teacher, model, guide, authority figure and companion to children. We examine references to fatherhood in the Bible and the experiences of fathers today.

Like any vocation, fatherhood is tough, fulfilling and a mystery
Skip the platitudes of fatherhood: Fathers are real and imperfect people who, worn down by fatigue or worry, make mistakes. They offer committed love over the years, and it changes them.

Of all the fathers in the Bible, St. Joseph stands out
Fathers who are disciples of Christ lead their children to God most effectively by humbly following the example of St. Joseph in obeying God’s will. See the stories of fathers in the Bible.

Dads teach best through their example, reliance on Christ
Paul Senz offers the stories of two dads: one who relies on Christ the Servant as his model, and another who knows his personal example teaches children more about the Catholic faith than by words.