Memorietafel_van_Jacob_Beier_en_Thomas_RomstockHeaven is hard to imagine, but since we hope to be there with God for all eternity, it’s worth thinking about. Our package from partner Catholic News Service examines how we “look forward to the resurrection of the dead and the life of the world to come,” as the creed asserts, and how recent popes and theologians describe heaven as a state of complete happiness, being in full communion with God.

Do we look forward to the life of the world to come?
For some, entering heaven might be boring. But Pope Benedict said such a “supreme moment of satisfaction” represents “life in the full sense, a plunging ever anew into the vastness of being, in which we are simply overwhelmed with joy.”

Imagine a closer relationship with God when picturing heaven
Two theologians suggest focusing less on the idea of skyward real estate and instead looking forward to a closer relationship with God. “If we want to be happy about heaven, we have to practice the joy of being with Jesus.”

What Scripture reveals about heaven
God has prepared a place for us in his home, and nothing should keep us from our place in his house, says writer Paul Senz. He recalls the insight of St. Paul, who wrote heaven is perfect fulfillment of our deepest desire: to be in union with God.