Two new ways to learn about the persecution of Christians around the world will become available to parishes, schools and individuals next month.

Adults can sign up for a free online course “Christians Confronting Persecution” that aims to help ministry leaders, teachers and anyone to confront the reality of persecution through the lens of faith.

The six-week program offered by the University of Notre Dame’s online theology program begins Sept. 4. Registration is open now.


A seven-week study session “We Respond” enables youths in high schools and adults through parish study groups to use free materials including reflection questions, stories and research findings to understand Christian responses to persecution today.

More information on the study curriculum is available here.

Both options draw educational resources from the Under Caesar’s Sword project, a Notre Dame initiative that tracks Christian communities’ responses to the persecution they face.

It incorporates videos, relevant Scripture passages and “ideas for responses of solidarity,” according to the Religious Freedom Institute, which sponsors the educational programs.

The organization seeks ways for Christian churches, schools and individuals to understand the plight of Christians in harm’s way especially in 25 countries and to learn how to offer help.