Dorothy Day

Malvern Retreat House hosts a Dorothy Day Retreat on Tuesday, Sept. 26 to Thursday, Sept. 28 at the Family Life Center, 315 South Warren Avenue, Malvern.

Directed by Dr. Carmina Chapp, this unique mid-week retreat for men and women will offer an experience of the Benedictine spirituality of Dorothy Day, who in her life integrated her love of God, neighbor and nature.

Retreatants will experience this integration through spiritual talks, quiet time and some light hands-on work — for those interested, spinning wool fleece into yarn — the “ora et labora” of St. Benedict.

Dr. Carmina Chapp

The themes of the retreat include simplicity of life, hospitality and appreciation for God’s creation. Participants will be given resources for incorporating Benedictine spirituality into their busy lives.

For more information or to register, please visit or call 610-644-0400.