A new catechetical series of stories on the Catholic sacraments by our partner Catholic News Service continues with confirmation, one of the three sacraments of initiation into the Christian community.

This sacrament, through which the baptized receive the “fullness of the Holy Spirit,” perfects the grace received in baptism. Like baptism, it leaves “an indelible mark on the soul,” and imparts an even greater call to witness to the Gospel.

Confirmation strengthens our identity as children of God
Baptism and confirmation are closely linked, but not interchangeable. While both impart grace, confirmation strengthens the believer as an active participant of the church’s apostolic mission.

Confirmed in college
At a large, secular university, a confirmation class dropout sensed the emptiness in worldly pleasures — and the Holy Spirit’s call to come home to the church.

Anointing with holy oil: Consecration and promise, from Moses to Jesus
The use of sacred oil, or chrism, in the sacrament of confirmation recalls a rich spiritual tradition with deep roots in both the Old and New Testaments.