Event Name

Reflection on Veritatis Splendor


Event Location

Holy Martyrs Parish, 120 Allison Road, Oreland


Start Date and Time:

Saturday February 3rd 830AM


End Date and Time

Saturday February 3rd 1PM


Event Description

Dr. D’Attore, the Headmaster at Regina Luminis Academy, is forming a new religious community of teaching Sisters, who, by God’s grace, will serve within those Catholic primary and secondary schools that implement a classical curriculum!! Please pray for this endeavor.


Please join us at Holy Martyrs Parish, 120 Allison Road, Oreland,on Saturday, February 3rd, for a First Saturday Morning of Recollection Holy Mass offered at 8:30 AM, followed by a Holy Hour in the Church.


At the close of the holy hour Dr. Denise D’Attore, Headmistress of Regina Luminis Academy, Berwyn, PA, will offer a brief talk on St.

John Paul’s encyclical Veritatis Splendor.


She will discuss how our obedience to the universal and unchanging moral norms taught by Christ’s Church both respects and safeguards the freedom and individuality of every human person.


At 10:30 Dr. D’Attore will gather with those interested for an introductory study of the Eucharist in the Gospel of St. John  Dr. D’Attore holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy, an M.Phil, and MA, from Fordham University, and a BA and MA in Philosophy and Theology from Oxford University.


By God’s grace and Our Lady’s guidance, she is forming a new religious community of teaching sisters, dedicated to teaching in Classical Curriculum schools within the archdiocese.


For more information on this new community, Daughters of Mary, Mediatrix of Mercy, please go to: