About 800 students from local Catholic, private and charter schools gathered Wednesday, Jan. 24 at Archbishop Ryan High School, Philadelphia, for a rally to promote school choice. Students and speakers hoped to drum up support for expanded opportunities for parents in Pennsylvania to choose the best educational option for their children. Of particular interest were provisions in Senate Bill 2 that would establish educational savings accounts. Eligible parents, especially those in about 500 schools in the state described as “underachieving,” could spend up to $5,700 on educational needs in a year and not only for tuition, but also for tutoring and other expenses. They could also roll over unused portions of the funds from year to year and on to college, explained Sean McAleer of the Pennsylvania Catholic Conference, which supports the legislation. About “70 percent of public school kids in Philadelphia would be eligible,” McAleer said. Learn more about SB2 and school choice here. (Photos by Sarah Webb)