Christian marriage takes the human dimensions of attraction, emotion, friendship and sacrificial service and offers a man and woman through their daily life together a language that communicates the nuptial love of Christ for the church. See the latest in our continuing series on the sacraments by our partner Catholic News Service.

In marriage, the love of Christ is made visible
Pope Francis writes that marriage is an encounter with Jesus who strengthens, heals and walks with the couple in their life together. The Christian couple becomes an icon of the “sacrament of love” in the world.

Does marriage ruin relationships?
Many couples fear that long-term, sacramental commitment stifles love, write Amber and David Lapp. However, matrimony can actually deepen affection and desire, and can increase and enrich a couple’s love.

Marriage in the church
Marriage can be a source of great joy and comfort, but it also entails difficulty and sacrifice, just as does Christian life generally. When lived in the Christian spirit of love, these sufferings can be transformed into signs of unity.