The church celebrates the gift of the Holy Spirit in the feast of Pentecost this Sunday, May 20. Discover the history, deep spirituality and practical implications of this “birthday of the church” through our package of resources from our partner, Catholic News Service.

Thanks to the Spirit, fruits of Pentecost grow in us
Bearing the fruit of a virtuous life is not in our power alone — we can’t give what we don’t have — but by growing in the Holy Spirit that moves in our lives, we can bear much good fruit.

The evolution of Pentecost
Pentecost was the decisive event in the early church, the motivation for the apostles to preach fearlessly about Jesus and his redemptive mission and the inspiration for centuries of art and music.

A heart renewed is the promise of Pentecost
Christian spirituality focuses the mind on all the richness found beneath whatever is most readily visible to us. The Spirit’s coming sets in motion a journey into holiness, for everyone.

How the Holy Spirit works — a podcast for Pentecost
As Father Matt Guckin reflects on the church’s feast of the “silent partner” of the Trinity, his podcast this week recalls how in his own life, the Holy Spirit has stood beside us and acted through us, speaking the words we need to hear.