Event Name

Marian Mission in North Philadelphia


Event Location

St. Veronica’s Church, 533 W. Tioga St., Philadelphia.


Start Date and Time:

June 19th 9AM


End Date and Time

June 25th 8PM


Event Description

An invitation from Fr. Joseph LoJacono, IVE, Pastor of St. Veronica’s Parish in Philadelphia: “As some of you may know, my parish’s boundaries are located in what the police call ‘the badlands,’ one of the worst area for drugs and violence in North Philadelphia in the second poorest zip code in the country. I hope to put the Blessed Virgin Mary everywhere through continuous Rosary marches, some processions, as well as enthroning statues of Mary in homes and in local stores.”



Father also shares, “This is inspired by Bishop Oliver Dashe Doeme from the Diocese of Maiduguri in northern Nigeria. He saw his people being overrun by radical Islamic terrorists, Boko Haram. When he prayed about this before Christ in the Eucharist, the Lord told him the Rosary will overcome them.” (Read the article about Bishop Doeme

here.) Please considering joining in this mission! It will take place from June 19-25 starting at St. Veronica’s Church, 533 W. Tioga St., Philadelphia.


For more information or to sign up for a time slot, email josephlojacono@ive.org or call the parish at 215-228-4878


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