Event Name

Open House


Event Location

The Regina Academy at St. John the Baptist


Start Date and Time:

Tuesday, October 23rd at 9am


End Date and Time

Tuesday, October 23rd at 10am


Event Description

Our children are filled with peace, hope, and joy….come see why at our Open House on Tuesday, October 23rd at 9am! Our classical curriculum teaches children in the way they naturally learn thus producing a love of learning and children that are happy to be in school. It also helps them to discover truth, goodness, and beauty as God intended. Students who learn through the classical method have been shown to have higher SAT scores in reading, math and writing as compared to those from other public, independent and religious schools. Our students learn to speak and write more effectively, more articulately and more persuasively. Perhaps most importantly, our children develop the skills, self-confidence and moral filter needed to navigate our increasingly complex society.