More than 160 students at Archbishop Wood High School presented their research findings on some 55 prescription, over-the-counter and illegal drugs at an inaugural “Forensic Toxicology Expo” on Feb. 5.

Sponsored by the school’s science department, the all-day event provided a range of information about the drugs, including toxicology, physiological effects, actual case studies and usage rates.  The expo was designed to highlight both the school’s science curriculum and the dangers of substance abuse.

Teams of students spent three weeks researching various drugs and creating digital presentations with several categories of information on the substances.  Each group also prepared an activity for visitors, using various trivia, skill, and other interactive games to reinforce the material.

Participants were educated on the physiologic effects of toxins (long term, short term, and overdose) and on the forensic methods used to test for toxins in bodily fluids. Actual cases involving both the substances and the testing methodologies were included in the student presentations.