The Catholic Medical Association (CMA) is proud to announce that Dr. John A. Schirger is now serving as president of its board of directors, effective Feb. 1.

Dr. Schirger currently practices cardiology in the Midwest. His work includes an emphasis in treating advanced heart failure, including the use of novel therapeutic strategies.

“To have the opportunity to lead our remarkable board of directors is an honor and a blessing,” said Dr. Schirger. “I look forward to the year ahead and working closely with our great members to ensure we carry out the mission of the Catholic Medical Association.”

In addition to earning his medical degree from Creighton University, Dr. Schirger also holds a Master’s degree in philosophy from The Catholic University of America.

“We are excited about the year ahead under Dr. Schirger’s leadership.  He is committed to medical excellence and building key partnerships that will not only grow the CMA, but will also serve the common good.  Additionally, his personal faith is a witness to all,” said Mario Dickerson, executive director of the CMA.

Dr. Schirger began his term by meeting in Nashville with the entire board of directors to address strategic priorities for CMA in 2019. During his time there, Dr. Schirger focused on many critical topics, including building strategic partnerships, addressing effective ways to build public awareness on key medical issues, as well as how the CMA can better support its growing membership.

“Our time in Nashville was inspiring and has created incredible momentum, giving the CMA a strong foundation on which we can create meaningful growth in 2019.”

Dr. Schirger’s appointment to board president follows Dr. Peter Morrow, who served in the role for the CMA during 2018.

“John is a thoughtful and compassionate leader who will be outstanding in working collaboratively with other organizations as we further the CMA’s mission. He has a deep philosophical nature and this will be a great gift to the CMA,” said Dr. Morrow.

Dr. Schirger looks forward to serving as Board President and is eager to lead the Board and continue the CMA’s mission to uphold the principles of the Catholic faith in the science and practice of medicine.