Augustinian Father Jim Paradis will lead a discussion on the many obstacles that prevent true forgiveness

“Why Don’t We Forgive: Unburdening the Heart” will take place on April 4 at the National Shrine of St. Rita of Cascia in South Philadelphia.

The event will examine our understanding of what forgiveness is, and the things that often stand in its way, asking key questions about the process of forgiveness: Do we ever get past “cheap” forgiveness? Why do we hold on to grudges or keep score?

Living in unforgiveness causes ongoing emotional, mental and spiritual pain. The evening will explore how it is possible to achieve the peace that comes from true forgiveness, and how letting go of grudges can improve our lives.

The event will begin at 7 p.m in the lower shrine chapel. The shrine is located at 1166 S. Broad Street in Philadelphia. All are welcome, and free parking is available next to the shrine.

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