Christians are about to enter into the sacred triduum — Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday — the days that commemorate the death of Jesus through his resurrection and our redemption. See this package of reflections, several videos, a call to sacred art and even an Easter recipe, from our partner Catholic News Service.

The living Way of the Cross, a Hispanic tradition of faith
Across the country, Good Friday reenactments of Jesus’ crucifixion on the streets of communities bring out faithful Hispanic Catholics and many others share in the suffering of Christ and to bring their own sufferings before his rising on Easter Sunday.

The new light shines brightly
The ritual of the Easter Vigil Mass is breathtaking: With Christ in the grave, the world is dark. But with his resurrection the light returns to us and is passed from person to person until the church, and the world, are filled with light.

Easter and redemption: The call to pay it forward
The beginning of faith is like that of the “beloved disciple,” who, after seeing the Lord was risen from the dead, did not fully understand but spent the rest of his life trying to. Likewise, we live the redemption through our actions.

Let us rejoice and be glad
Maria Morrow rejoices over Easter even as her kids get their new Sunday-best clothes muddy before Mass. Despite jelly beans in their pockets, Easter Sunday will come as it does regardless of a mom’s best plans.

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Recipe: Sweet Easter pie with ancient farro
The highly nutritional and nutty-flavored farro grain plus ricotta cheese and eggs form the foundation of this quiche-style filling for the traditional Italian pie meant to celebrate the end of the Lenten fast.

Pray with art this Easter
When we pray, sometimes we get stuck in forms that we learned long ago. But God speaks and touches us in many ways, and one of them is through art that inspires.

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