Event Name

Family: The Battleground for Sainthood


Event Location

Saint Catherine of Siena


Start Date and Time:

June 6, 7P


End Date and Time

June 6, 9P


Event Description

We have every grace and opportunity to achieve the universal call to holiness right in our own homes, families, and secular workplaces. In this livestream talk, our hosts Sean and Lexie will discuss the importance of simply believing and declaring the promises of Christ over our own lives, the life of our spouse, and the lives of our children. One of Satan’s favorite tactics is to plant small lies in our minds which go unchallenged and grow over time to become strongholds. But, through the intimacy of family life, we can choose to constantly speak truth to each other and plant seeds of freedom that grow and bear fruit over time. Come join us for a practical talk about how your ordinary daily life can become a training ground for sainthood!


Bring family and friends in their 20’s and 30’s.  The more, the merrier!  Refreshments are provided.  Donations appreciated :)