Whether it’s celebrated with gifts or simple words of gratitude, Father’s Day calls us to reflect on how the Lord embraces us through the men who have formed us through everyday acts of sacrifice and leadership.

In this set of articles, we mark the holiday with several reflections on fatherhood, which models the divine love of the first Father.

My father, a man I once feared but came to love
Years after growing up on a remote New Mexico farm, Moises Sandoval learned that his father’s strict discipline was born of a deep commitment to his family, and a desire to see his son become all that he could.

Adoption illuminates the mystery of God’s love
Father’s Day is a great moment to remember that as Christians we are all invited to reflect on our shared vocation as adopted children of God, writes Mark Banga, especially since some are called to witness to this love by adopting a child into their home.

To all fathers: ‘Be not afraid’
Like St. Joseph, fathers are called to accept the joys and challenges of forming children, writes Deacon Paul Quinn. Although the task can be daunting, the rewards of this vocation — which requires discipline, humility and patient love — are endless.

The real gifts Dad wants for Father’s Day
Ties and tools aren’t on the list for Soren Johnson, who has instead come up with seven truths that he wants to prayerfully recommit to giving his kids this day, and always.