Thirty-three men including seminarians and men in formation for the permanent diaconate received the ministry of lector Sept. 14 in St. Martin’s Chapel at St. Charles Borromeo Seminary. Bishop Edward Malesic of the Diocese of Greensburg conferred the ministry amid family and friends of the men. As lectors they will proclaim the Word of God in liturgies and they continue their formation at St. Charles toward ordination as priests and deacons. (Photos by Sarah Webb)

The following received the ministry of lector:
For the Archdiocese of Philadelphia: Andrew J. Auletta; Sang Woo Chi; Augustus D. DeSimone; Henry F. Graebe; Andrew F. Lane; Christopher T. Massaro; Ryan Nguyen; Roneld Saint Louis; Eric M. Tamney; Ricardo J. Tobar
For the Diocese of Allentown: Matthew J. Kuna
For the Diocese of Arlington: Daniel S. Reuwer; Daniel A. Rice
For the Archdiocese of Columbo: Pramod Ranjuna Perera; M. Marlon Rashmika Vass
For the Diocese of Greensburg: Christopher J. Pujol
For the Diocese of Harrisburg: Joseph P. Creavey; Thomas L. Meinert
For the Diocese of Lincoln: Joseph N. Allen; Tony C. Schukei; Dominic I. Winter
For the Diocese of Raleigh: Andrés Arévalo; Erik R. Reyes
For the Diocese of Trenton: Timothy J. Graham; James A. Sicilia
For the Congregation of the Mission: Walner D. Diaz, C.M.
For the permanent diaconate for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia: Paul Fisher; Walky Joseph; Michael Joyce; David McGovern; Dennis Mueller; Christopher Parker; Joseph Wojtkielewicz