On Friday, March 13 Saint Elizabeth School held its 13th Annual Pi Day in celebration of mathematics, a day ahead of the official March 14 observance of “Pi Day”. Students in grades Kindergarten-eight participated in school-wide afternoon activities culminating with an end of day assembly and pie eating contest with teachers and students.
Teachers competed in the first round of the pie eating contest. Fifth-eighth graders then took part in the pie eating contest where they devoured store bought pies (usually homemade by their classmates). In the past, pies have been made in a variety of flavors, including pizza. During the pie eating contest students who have memorized 50 or more, with the highest count over 200, digits were recognized for their achievement.
Pi Day is a global celebration of Mathematics celebrated on March 14th, each year.  Pi (π) is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. Its rounded down numerical representation is 3.14