Nick Howley, St. Joseph’s Prep class of 1970, founder with his wife Lorie of the Howley Foundation.

St. Joseph’s Prep announced a gift of $5 million Feb. 4 from the Howley Foundation to support the Prep’s “For Others Forever” capital campaign as well as scholarships for dozens of students. It is the largest gift ever made in the school’s 170-year history.

The mission of the Howley Foundation — established by Lorie and Nick Howley ’70 with their daughter Meg Mitkus Howley serving as executive director — is to provide high-quality, educational opportunities to economically disadvantaged students as an integral part of addressing issues of equality and promoting upward social and economic mobility.

“Supporting educational programs that directly address issues of equality and upward mobility are the central focus of the Howley Foundation,” said Nick Howley. “By providing children and young adults access to a level of education and character formation they wouldn’t receive otherwise, we strive to fundamentally improve the outlook for their lives and subsequent generations.”

Over the past decade, the Howley Foundation has given scholarships to dozens of Prep students who would not have been able to achieve a St. Joseph’s Prep education without this financial aid. In addition to financial support, Nick, Lorie and Meg are active in the lives of the Prep’s Howley Scholars, staying apprised of their academic progress and visiting the North Philadelphia school often.

“St. Joseph’s Prep has had a lasting impact on me and I am proud to support the school,” Howley said. “Throughout its long history, St. Joseph’s Prep has been committed to providing a high-quality Jesuit education to the best and brightest students from across the socio-economic spectrum, and we look forward to continuing our support so that more students have access to a Prep education.”