Sarah Hanley

During Lent, we have illustrated Christ’s love for us by caring for those most in need, giving up something we value and making sacrifices for the good of others, and finding new ways to answer God’s call to serve.

As the season of Lent closes and that of Easter begins, we embark on a new spiritual journey of renewing our baptismal promises and opening our hearts to God’s love.

As Pope Francis said, “This Lenten journey, like the entire pilgrimage of the Christian life, is even now illumined by the light of the resurrection, which inspires the thoughts, attitudes and decisions of the followers of Christ.”

How do you open your heart to God’s love? At the Catholic Foundation of Greater Philadelphia, it’s at the core of our mission. Our tagline is, “At the heart of charity is love.” But what does that really mean? It means that through charity, we are expressing our love for Christ and our brothers and sisters by caring for those in need.


By choosing to be charitable and philanthropic, we are strengthening that love, and sharing it with all of Christ’s people. Our love grows when we come to the aid of those who are sick, homeless, hungry, or forgotten.

CFGP is your resource for Catholic giving in many ways, but it’s important to remember that choosing to work with us has a much deeper meaning. Our two services, charitable fund management and nonprofit development consulting, are rooted in a connection between you and your faith. We’ll work with you to ensure your love for Christ and our faith is reflected in every gift you make through our charitable funds. These funds personally touch the lives of so many of our brothers and sisters in need.

In a similar way, our nonprofit consulting services dig deep into the meaning behind your ministry. Our team will work along side you to unite the mission of your ministry with the love your community has for Christ. This unity is what helps build strong and fruitful support for the parishes and organizations we serve.

As we prepare for Christ’s resurrection, there are many questions we can ask ourselves. How can I be a servant leader in my own community? How have I felt Jesus’ love in times of sorrow in my own life? How has this season of Lent influenced me into becoming a more loyal disciple of Christ?

Take time to reflect on these questions as we anticipate the most special and holy day in our Catholic faith, and keep in mind that CFGP is always available to guide you on your journey to answering them. For more information on how CFGP can work with you, visit

God bless you and your loved ones. Have a wonderful Easter.


Sarah Hanley is the president and CEO of the Catholic Foundation of Greater Philadelphia. To learn more, visit or call 215-587-5650.