The Cathedral Basilica of SS. Peter and Paul invites you to its faith formation series “Forming a People of Life” through two in-person sessions this spring, March 24 and June 16, both from 7 to 8:30 p.m.

The series will explore the Catholic Church’s teachings on the urgent social issues of today so as to strengthen people’s resolve to defend the teachings and be equipped to dialogue fruitfully with others.

Register at, and email questions at Free parking is available in the cathedral’s lot at 222 N. 17th Street in Philadelphia.

In the first of the spring series titled “Laying the Foundations,” a speaker with the Sisters of Life will discuss “Speaking the Truth in Love” on Wednesday, March 24.

In a time of great social turmoil, how do we as Catholics bring to the world the truth that it so desperately needs while also being a presence that unites and heals? This talk will show us how to proclaim boldly the truths of our faith while maintaining a disposition of love toward those who may be hostile to our views.

It will prepare us for those crucial conversations about the hyper-charged issues of our day, whether on the level of public discourse, family discussions or dialogue between friends.

The second talk on Wednesday, June 16 presents speaker Meghan Cokeley, director of the Archdiocesan Office for the New Evangelization on “Safeguarding the Dignity of Man.”

At the root of all the church’s moral teachings – from abortion to immigration to sexuality – can be found a set of core, non-negotiable beliefs about what it means to be human. This talk will give an overview of these core beliefs and show how they form the foundation of our Catholic position on every social issue of our day.

This will equip us to speak more eloquently about our faith and explain to others how the Catholic position on any issue fundamentally preserves and protects the great splendor of our humanity.