Have you lost someone dear to COVID-19, someone to old age or to another illness, felt the pain exacerbated by the limitations the pandemic has placed on us all, lost someone to racism or are mourning the evils we commit as a culture?

Cranaleith Spiritual Center offers the virtual “We Will Honor Our Grief: A Support Group” in response.

The group, which is free to join, will meet online from 7 to 8:30 p.m. on April 8, 15, 22 and 29. The focus will be on discussion, relying on mutual support as a tool for healing. Come to as many of the sessions as you can manage.

Group facilitator Phyllis Strock is a practitioner of sound healing. Using Tibetan and crystal bowls, chant, and sound, she leads people to inner peace and discovery. Her perspective is informed by her experience in counseling, spirituality and writing.

She has worked with diverse populations, both individually and in groups, including cancer survivors, impoverished children and teens, and individuals at the end of life.

See the website for Cranaleith in Northeast Philadelphia for more details including registration.

“Together we will stand in the fire of grief.
Through music, poetry and the sharing of our stories, we will move
Through the flames toward hope and healing.
Cloaked in compassion and love, we will find our way.”