Father Eric Banecker speaks about St. Joseph during a three-day devotion for the saint March 8-10 at St. Pius X Parish, Broomall.

In response to Pope Francis’ call to celebrate a Year of St. Joseph, St. Pius X Parish in Broomall hosted a triduum in the saint’s honor on March 8, 9 and 10.

Father Eric J. Banecker, who serves as parochial administrator of St. Francis de Sales Parish in Philadelphia and was previously assigned to St. Pius X, returned to preach and lead the devotions at the invitation of the pastor, Msgr. William C. Kaufman.

Each of the three evenings consisted of hymns and prayers invoking the intercession of St. Joseph, along with a reading from Scripture and a homily offered by Father Banecker, followed by benediction.

Parishioners responded strongly to the invitation as more than 140 participants gathered in person in the church each evening, plus more joining in virtually through the parish’s livestream and social media outreach.

In closing remarks on the final evening of the triduum, Msgr. Kaufman commented on an image that was used on the cover of the worship aide distributed to attendees. The image depicts St. Joseph holding the Christ Child, with both figures smiling.

“I believe that Jesus and St. Joseph,” said Msgr. Kaufman, “are smiling at us tonight who have gathered for these three evenings.”

Watch a video of the final evening of the triduum below:

Parishioners and guests pray during adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, while observing social distance, on the final night of the triduum for St. Joseph March 10 at St. Pius X Parish, Broomall.