To kick off National Catholic Schools Week (Jan. 30-Feb. 5), freshman and sophomore students at St. Hubert Catholic High School for Girls composed original prayers that were read over the school sound system between classes on Jan. 31.


Prayers written by students at St. Hubert Catholic High School for Girls in honor of Catholic Schools Week

Dear Lord,

At times, we can feel lost. We can be consumed by stress, struggles and temptations. In these times, let us find solace in you and your Catholic identity. With you, we know who we are, as you encourage us to be our best. Now, and always, stand as our motivation to grow and improve. Let us partake in the service you ask of us, and let us find joy in these actions of kindness. So often we focus on ourselves; let today be the day we begin focusing on others through acts of compassion, learning from your example. Guide us in this endeavor. Grant us the virtues we need. Inspire us to love as you have. Amen.

— Hailey Whitlock ‘24


Let my faith guide me so that I may always have you in my heart. Help me to strengthen my love for you and others, so I can grow in my faith. I wish to stay united to you through service and love, and to truly know you. Through prayer, hard work and dedication to my friends and family, let me fulfill my purpose you tasked me with. Let us all remain forever in your spirit. Amen.

— Brynley Martin ‘24


Guide my sisters and I through our struggles. Help us to take good from the bad things we go through. Guide us to understand each other when there is something we disagree on. Help us to love each other and ourselves. Amen.

— Brigid Eibel ‘25

My Beloved God,

First off, let me say how completely grateful I am for your being in my life. I owe all of my doings to you because you have given me all of my talents. Lord, please help me, and anyone else who is struggling to find their way in you. I know you have a plan for me and I look forward to seeing where you lead me. I will be eternally joyful in whatever you have in store for me, because I will always be with you. I understand that there is going to be tough days, where my faith in you will falter, but I trust in you to guide me down the right path.

— Nicole Marlow ‘25

Dear Lord,

Please bless the students, teachers and faculty members during this Catholic Schools Week. Help the Bambies strengthen their sisterhood with one another. Please help them be thankful for the teachers and faculty that are here at St. Hubert’s because they chose to work here. Working as a teacher and faculty member can be so stressful. Please remove that stress. Amen.

— Gianna Marzullo ‘25