Deacon Jack Hasson

Spring has sprung and the great feast and celebration of Easter are upon us. The warmer weather invites us to be out among family and friends and to enjoy God’s creation.

Easter is also the time to reflect on the deep and wonderful mysteries of our Catholic faith. These mysteries are not for us to solve as if they were a “who done it” movie or novel. On the contrary, the mysteries of our salvation and redemption are for our reflection and contemplation. They offer us to be at peace, to dwell joyfully and surround ourselves with these mysteries.

One great mystery is that God loves us. Good Friday with all its pain, suffering and sadness is Love’s Day. Through Jesus’ passion and suffering, God shows us he loves us. In John’s Gospel account of the Last Supper Jesus gives us a new commandment that we love one another, just as he loves us. When we love him, we are called to love one another.


Love always shares and there is a realization of our sharing in the pain and sadness of Good Friday. But there is joy beyond expression. There is joy and gratitude that surpasses human understanding, for on Good Friday the door to paradise is once more open. Christ emptied himself for the love of us. The question for us is, “are we going to empty ourselves to love Christ and others?”

Resurrection is the divine power to make all things new. Resurrection is the ongoing creation at work in our world that calls for us to be part of this creation by using our talents and treasures to build the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Our God is dynamic and active. Our God brings hope and life to all.

As faithful Catholics, we are called to participate in God’s divine plan and mysteries, to bring hope, life and love to others, to be the hands and feet of Christ.

Through the generosity of the people of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, the Catholic Foundation of Greater Philadelphia assists many charitable organizations and ministries throughout the archdiocese, bringing Christ’s hope and love to thousands of people.


Deacon Jack Hasson is office and advancement coordinator for the Catholic Foundation of Greater Philadelphia.