On Jan. 16, communities across the Philadelphia region and the country will celebrate the life and legacy of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Throughout the archdiocese, faithful will honor Dr. King by participating in service opportunities as well as the annual MLK interfaith prayer service on Jan. 15.

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On this national day of service, and the days following, build upon Dr. King’s legacy and his work on racial equality and equity by volunteering your time and talents to strengthen our communities and serve our brothers and sisters in need.

Volunteer time with Catholic Social Services in your community

One of the best gifts we can give is the gift of ourselves. A great way to show your support can be through volunteering your time to one of the many Catholic Human Services organizations in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. Whether by packing items in the food pantry at Martha’s Choice Marketplace, providing translation assistance to Immigration Legal Services, or offering childcare to a Family Service Center, your help can immensely improve the lives of our neighbors in need.

Prepare a hot meal for those in need

A home cooked meal can be a wonderful gift. At Saint John’s Hospice, donated casseroles are prepared daily for men experiencing homelessness. Catholic Social Services’ Afghan Placement and Assistance Program also accepts traditional Afghani meals for families newly entering the U.S.

Share your skills and talents

Another way to change and touch people’s hearts is by sharing your skills and talents with others. At Catholic Housing and Community Services, seniors can benefit from your guidance to learn new skills such as technology, art, and gardening. Guiding Star Ministries is always looking for women to share their life skills such as cooking, housekeeping, and financial management with mothers in the home.

Donate supplies

The gift of giving can even take place from the comfort of your own home. Organizations may have particular items of need that can be obtained through online shopping. St. Edmond’s Home for Children includes a comprehensive “Wish List” of specific needs ranging from immediate necessities such as clothing to more fun activities for the children such as crafting and baking supplies. Mercy Hospice also accepts in-kind donations such a cleaning supplies and feminine products for women in recovery from substance abuse, in particular mothers with young children.

Contribute financially

Do you want to give back but do not have the time to volunteer? Consider making a financial gift that can provide necessary support for those in need. Even the smallest of donations can assist in many ways such as opportunities for children living in poverty through the Archbishop’s Benefit for Children or funds for Nutritional Development Services to purchase resources for its network of food pantries throughout the five-county region.

For more ways to get involved consider visiting places such as Catholic Social Services of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia where there are even more opportunities to donate and volunteer.