On Wednesday, February 22, we were marked with Blessed Ashes and began our Lenten journeys. One of the three pillars we are called to practice throughout that time is almsgiving. Almsgiving as the act of donating money or goods to those in need and performing other acts of charity. Below are three examples  of ways to embrace almsgiving during your Lenten journey.

1. Donate Canned Goods to Nutritional Development Services’ “One-Can” Food Drive

Nutritional Development Services’ (NDS) mission is to serve children and those in need with healthy food. One way to support this mission is by participating during in NDS’ annual Lenten food drive. All goods donated now through Friday, March 31 will be distributed throughout the five-county area to NDS’ network of over 50 food cupboards and outreach centers and benefit those facing food insecurity.

You can purchase “one-can” meal food items online here.

2. Participate in Catholic Relief Services’ Rice Bowl initiative

To further help individuals and families struggling with food insecurity, you can also participate in Rice Bowl, an initiative of Catholic Relief Services (CRS). A quarter of funds raised through Rice Bowl go to NDS to combat hunger and poverty locally in the Philadelphia region. Rice Bowl is a nationwide Lenten program providing people of all ages with a way to put their faith into action through prayer, fasting, and almsgiving.

To donate, you can call CRS directly at 1-877-435-7277 or send funds to the Archdiocese of Philadelphia’s Office for Financial Services at 222 North 17th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103. Please note CRS Rice Bowl.

In addition, you can donate directly to Rice Bowl online here. For more information on this initiative, visit archphila.org/crsricebowl.

3. Contribute Financially to the Catholic Charities Appeal

Another way to practice almsgiving is through a financial gift to the Catholic Charities Appeal (CCA). The CCA benefits hundreds of thousands of people through countless charitable service organizations and ministries in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

By donating to CCA, you can provide support to ministries including Education; Social Services; Evangelization, Parish and Spiritual Life; Clergy; and Local Mission Activities.

To support these ministries, please click here.