Students attending Independence Mission Schools’ (IMS) SS. Cyril and Philomena and Our Mother of Sorrows/St. Ignatius of Loyola will receive the St. Jude Hope Scholarship for the 2023-2024 academic year. This scholarship aims to provide additional financial assistance to current and newly enrolled students and their families.

“IMS understands the importance of providing access to quality education and we are grateful to our donors for making it possible,” says Joseph Mock, Principal of Our Mother of Sorrows/St. Ignatius of Loyola.

“With the St. Jude Hope Scholarship, we can ensure that students have a chance to receive a high-quality education and reach their God-given potential, regardless of their financial circumstances.”

This new scholarship, when added on top of IMS’s financial aid package, will further reduce each family’s out-of-pocket tuition cost. Students in kindergarten and first grade can receive up to an extra $1000 in aid; those in second through eighth grade can receive up to an extra $600.

“As educators, we are well acquainted with the challenges students and their families face when trying to afford school,” said Brigid McClelland, Principal of SS. Cyril & Philomena.

“That is why we are committed to helping them succeed and believe this scholarship can provide the necessary resources our students need to continue their education.”