Many parents and guardians know the experience of asking children what they did at camp and hearing “nothing” or another detail-deficient reply. Those who send their bundles of boundless energy to the Cantate Domino choir camp, though, should likely be prepared to receive a dissertation, as the July 10-13 opportunity will offer ample chances for youngsters to sing the praises of liturgical worship. 

“A huge goal will be to help others to come to see music as one of the best ways to evangelize,” Charlene Angelini, Director of Cathedral Parish Music for The Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul, said of helming the gathering. “The time together will be all about nurturing spiritual growth and enjoying fellowship among fellow Catholics.” 

Each day from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., registrants, who must be between the ages of 7 and 15, will interact with Angelini; Danielle Molan, Director of the Archdiocesan Children’s Choir; and Mark Loria, Principal Organist at the Center City-based cathedral to mold themselves as potential members of the next generation of liturgical musicians.

The professionals will infuse a deeper sense of connectivity to the children’s faith by providing instruction in choral tone, music theory, sacred repertoire, vocal breathing techniques, and vowel formation.

(Photo: Charlene Angelini)

(Photo: Charlene Angelini)

Having commenced in 2018, the camp has given Angelini much-appreciated moments to see the benefits of encouraging bonds with the divine through musical compositions. 

“There are so many rewards to influencing children to value ministry,” she said, noting how she feels the inclusion of a wide range of ages will give the youngest members a chance to feed off the advanced ties that the teenage participants might have already forged.

“With respect to this camp, we’ll supplement what we’re putting together for the grand performance with icebreakers and games.”

By the time that the 7:00 p.m. culminating event comes to fruition on July 13, the youths will have worked on pieces such as Psalms 23 and 72 and will certainly have strengthened their links as children of the church by perfecting the Magnificat, a staple of evening prayer. Having been able to do so with the Cathedral as their educational site, the choir constituents will have tested their vocal might in an acoustical heaven. 

“The setting is such a perfect place for us to sing to our Lord,” Angelini said in making a reference to the camp title’s translation. “There’s just something unbeatable about giving thanks through song, and everyone who attends camp and those who join us for evening prayer on the 13th will be testaments to that.” 

The camp costs $200 per child, with families sending more than one child receiving a $25 discount. Financial aid is available for those who need it.

To register, access the forms found within this link: