Theology on Tap, a casual discussion series for young adults, led by a group from Nativity B.V.M. Parish in Media, came to Sligo Irish Pub, on Feb. 15 to discuss “Reclaiming Sacred Rest this Lent.” Heather Makowicz, a licensed clinical social worker and certified spiritual director, was the guest speaker.

Chiara Cardone, a young adult minister at the Delaware County parish, touched base with Makowicz approximately six months earlier about speaking at a monthly Theology on Tap presented by the parish’s Catholic Young Adults in their Twenties and Thirties – also referred to as NatCATT. In January, Makowicz confirmed that she would  offer a faith-informed discussion to the group in February.

Makowicz chose her topic because we live in an era filled with distractions, busy schedules, and many demands. She views Lent as a time to find rest in practical ways in order to focus on the meaning of this penitential season.

Makowicz explained to the group that after creating the Earth in six days, God rested on the seventh day making it the Sabbath. He wants us to do the same.

“Rest actually comes from God,” said Makowicz. “He rested and established the Sabbath.”

To begin the evening on a casual note, the young adults gathered for food and drinks in a private room upstairs where the talk was held.

Deacon Michael Riggs, O.S.A. a transitional deacon who is set to be ordained to the priesthood in May 2024 for the Augustinians, offered an invocation before Makowicz took the mic.

“We’re always in the presence of the living, trying God,” said Deacon Riggs.

Makowicz spoke about her background and some of the reasons why she needs rest in her own life. She married her husband, Dave, right after college. She went on to graduate school. They have three children, one with special needs. From time to time, she would experience physical symptoms because of her busy lifestyle. She later realized that all she needed to do was slow down and rest.

“We are spiritual beings and we’re connected with the Lord,” said Makowicz. “You can make the time for rest or rest will make the time it needs [for you].”

Working on just what to say to the young people, Makowicz turned to a sacred rest presentation resource by Dr. Sandra Dalton Smith It mentions seven different types of rest including emotional, physical, sensory, mental, social, spiritual, and creative. When referencing creative rest, Makowicz reminded everyone that ”all of us want to be seen, known, and loved.”

There are various reasons why people hesitate to take a rest. They may have a lot of work to do and feel that if they do not take advantage of the present time, it will just add to the workload later. Other people need even more rest. Resting when a person feels he or she did not do enough to earn it can cause guilt.

Makowicz mentioned that Mother Teresa of Calcutta spent many hours in silent adoration despite all of her good works.

“We need silence to be able to touch eternity,” said Makowicz.

Makowicz has given this talk on multiple occasions and sees it as one that people will enjoy and learn from.

According to Makowicz, this talk is a “fun” and “practical” one.

Some attendees had joined NatCATT for Theology on Tap many times before, but it marked a first time for others. Among the newcomers in attendance was Liz Wayne fromat Our Lady of Lourdes Parish in Philadelphia. She thought it would be a nice change of pace for an evening well spent.

“I enjoyed it,” said Wayne. “It was nice to have something to break up the week. I’m thankful for this opportunity to get knowledge of a new perspective from a speaker.”

NatCATT will reconvene for its annual St. Patrick’s Day party on Sat., March 16 in the historic brick building on the parish grounds of Nativity B.V.M.

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