Archbishop Nelson J. Pérez is encouraging Catholics throughout the five-county region to show continued concern for the people of Ukraine, in the Holy Land, Haiti, Sudan, and in all parts of the world suffering from war and strife by praying a special prayer for peace in the world on the Celebration of the Passion of the Lord on Good Friday.

The special intention below has been provided to parishes throughout the Archdiocese.

XI. For peace in world

Let us pray, dearly beloved, for the people in Ukraine, in the Holy Land, in Haiti, in Sudan and in all troubled parts of the world, for those who have fled the dread of violence and have been deprived of their homes, for all men and women who stand up with their lives to ward off evil and to protect the weak and the persecuted.

Prayer in silence. Then the Priest says:

Almighty and eternal God, you have compassion for the lowly and the poor, but you cast down oppressors. As you guided Israel out of slavery in Egypt, so in our days save all victims of war and violence. Change the hearts of evildoers and let peace be victorious. Through Christ our Lord

R. Amen.