More than 5,500 individuals in our local Church participated in comprehensive training programs focusing on child abuse prevention, recognition, and reporting in 2023, according to an impact report released June 19 by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia’s Office for Child and Youth Protection (OCYP).

Founded in 2002, the office supports the Archdiocese of Philadelphia’s commitment to create and maintain safe environments for children who attend its churches, schools, and programs. The office also provides supportive assistance to individuals who have been the victims or are survivors of child sexual abuse and their family members.

“In an era marked by rapid social change and pressing global challenges, the positive role of community-centric organizations cannot be overstated,” said a cover letter accompanying the report signed by Leslie J. Davila, director of the archdiocesan office.

In 2023, the office facilitated access to mental health services for over 200 survivors and their families. Additionally, over 500 community members were engaged during educational and outreach events by the office.

The OCYP report shows that this ministry alone has provided more than $27.9 million to assist victims of child abuse since 2003, and more than $10.4 million for safe environment training and education initiatives since 2004.  These statistics are separate from the Independent Reconciliation and Reparations Program launched by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia in 2018 to provide additional modes of assistance to survivors of sexual abuse by Archdiocesan clergy. That program, which is now closed, provided over $78 million directly to survivors.

In all, the archdiocese has spent more than $38 million since 2003 to aid victims of abuse and build a safe environment for children and young people in our local church.

View the full 2023 impact report here. Read the accompanying cover letter here.

For more information on the work and resources offered by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia’s Office for Child and Youth Protection, visit here.