O Virgin Mother of God, spouse of the Holy Spirit and our heavenly Mother, you are also Our Lady of FIAT. We love you and honor you as the special patroness of the Filipinos In America Today.

We consecrate ourselves and our families to your Immaculate Heart so that we may become the instruments of Jesus your son, in bringing every Filipino-American family closer to the Father.

Bless us with a faith like yours to fully and responsibly accept the will of God. To strive to hear his word, act upon it and keep it. Help us to echo your “Oo” — Yes — your fiat when the Angel Gabriel asked you to become the Mother of the Lord.

Bless us with hope, which you clearly exemplified when you and Joseph experienced rejection at the hands of the inn-keepers in Bethlehem and when Jesus was lost in the Temple.

Bless us with charity, the charity you bestowed on your cousin Elizabeth, assisting her in a time of waiting and need.

Bless us with compassion, the kind that you showed at Cana and at the cross.

We consecrate to you today our minds, lips and hearts, that we may always obey the will of God. We consecrate our lives to you, that we may know and love God better and be able to see his face in others.

Dear Lady of FIAT, we pledge to model our way of life on you, the perfect disciple of Christ, so that consecrated to you in life and in death we may enjoy heaven in your company forever. Amen!