'As Christ Loved the Church'

John XXIII and the nature of real peace

Many of us, including many non-Catholics, remember Pope John XXIII as “good Pope John” — a man who committed himself to world peace and international justice. But in talking about peace, John always began with the dignity and rights of the individual human person, and the importance of the common good. Peace in the world […]

It’s not enough to know Jesus; we need to love Him

Scripture tells us that after the crushing sadness of the crucifixion, the joy felt by the disciples in recognizing Jesus at Emmaus was intense. But as deep and personal as their joy was, it also compelled them to act. Their joy was alive; it was restless; it made them run back to Jerusalem through the […]

Re-orienting our lives to the things that matter

One of the defining moments of Jesus’ public ministry takes place before his work even begins. In the Gospels of Matthew and Luke, God’s Spirit leads Jesus into the desert for fasting and prayer. While there, Satan attacks him with temptations to vanity, worldly power and glory. In effect, Christ’s knowledge of who he really […]

A time to refocus our hearts

For anyone who seeks out the real meaning of “the holidays,” the last few days before Christmas are the most powerful period of Advent and one of the most beautiful times in the year. The Octave before Christmas, Dec. 17-23, is the time of the “O Antiphons.” In Christian worship, an antiphon is a special […]

Of death and hope

The seasons every year are a reflection of a greater reality. Most of us love autumn, which always has a special beauty in Pennsylvania. But as the days grow shorter and colder, our spirit subtly changes. November reminds us that all life, including our own, comes to an end. Over the centuries, the Church has […]