Archbishop Perez's messages

Hanukkah recalls divine power, joy and hope, says archbishop

Archbishop Nelson Pérez extends prayerful best wishes to the Jewish community as it prepares to celebrate the annual eight-day Festival of Lights and "strengthen the bonds of love with family and friends."

Archbishop Pérez offers Thanksgiving Day greetings

In his message on "this uniquely American holiday," Archbishop Nelson Pérez expresses his gratitude to God and to the faithful of the archdiocese. He encourages all to receive a COVID vaccine to maintain immunity levels in the community.

Fostering vocations a priority for entire church, says archbishop

Reflecting on National Vocation Awareness Week (Nov. 7-13), Archbishop Nelson Pérez invites all the faithful to prayerfully -- and practically -- support priestly vocations.

Retired Cleveland bishop was ‘close friend and constant model,’ says archbishop

Bishop Anthony Pilla, who died Sept. 21, displayed a "love and passion for the priesthood" and for the people he served, said Archbishop Nelson Pérez, himself a former bishop of Cleveland.

Archbishop calls on Catholics to support Afghan refugee resettlement

"All of us must do what we can ... to accompany migrants and refugees on their journey," Archbishop Nelson Perez said in a statement. "I fervently encourage all people of good will to intensify their prayers seeking peace in Afghanistan."

Memories of 9/11 an opportunity to renew hope in God, archbishop says

On the 20th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on the United States, Archbishop Nelson Perez recalls in his message the resilience of the American spirit. He prays for all those still affected and for first responders.

Archbishop Perez sends greetings on Jewish high holy days

As the Jewish faith community celebrates Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, Archbishop Nelson Perez extended the prayerful best wishes of the Catholic community in the Philadelphia region.

Rest on Labor Day, lay burdens at the Lord’s feet, archbishop advises

Archbishop Nelson Perez wished everyone a happy holiday as Americans pause to consider the impact of their work, knowing that all is for the greater glory of God.

Trust in God, care for one another in Ida’s wake, archbishop urges

In a statement following historic flooding in the Philadelphia region due to Hurricane Ida, Archbishop Nelson Pérez praised the work of first responders and utilities and road crews, and prayed that God's protection would come to all in the face of uncertainty.

Prioritize health, pray to end COVID as Mass obligation resumes, says archbishop

As the requirement to attend Sunday and holy day liturgies in person resumes Aug. 15, Archbishop Nelson Pérez calls on faithful to take appropriate precautions and seek vaccinations "as an act of charity."