No troubles will separate us from the love of Christ

Msgr. Joseph Prior reflects on this Sunday's liturgy for the Baptism of the Lord. Its readings hold timely reminders of earthly trials and eternal rewards, with the Lord alone as the focus of our lives.

On infant baptism, Mass after suicide

Can a child be baptized Catholic if the parents were not married in church? Can a funeral Mass be celebrated for a young man who took his own life? Father Ken Doyle answers these questions in his weekly Q & A.

The only New Year’s resolution you’ll ever need

After the heartache of 2020, planning for a brighter future may seem a daunting task -- but Mary shows us the secret for real and lasting success, writes Gina Christian.

Frontline heroes model unconditional love in action

In his work at an archdiocesan home setting for women and men with intellectual disabilities, Father Dennis Weber sees how the health care professionals manifest the saintly virtues of compassion, patience, perseverance, and love 365 days a year.

At Christ’s birth, ‘the soul felt its worth’

As a beloved Christmas carol reminds us, the Incarnation reveals our true and eternal value, which can never be measured by worldly standards, writes Gina Christian.

Advent Week 4: Jesus always with, and within, us

Mary's yes, coming with uncertainty just as we have experienced this year, is a yes to the Lord being not only with her, but with all of us.

Advent Week 4: Come Lord Jesus! From Annunciation to Christmas

At the Annunciation, Mary teaches us Advent hope. From Mary we learn how to hear the word of God with openness, and to replace our fears with trust in God's promised presence.

Already united with Jesus, we open our darkness to his light

This final Sunday of Advent is now the time to open our hearts, as Mary did, so we can receive her Son anew as we celebrate Christmas, writes Msgr. Joseph Prior.

Readings of the Holy Mass – Fourth Sunday of Advent

Read, listen to or watch videos of the Mass readings with these resources from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, using the New American Bible, Revised Edition.

Keeping watch with St. Joseph

The humble carpenter faced many sleepless hours in fulfilling the divine plan, but by remaining alert to the Lord's will, he learned the true source of rest and refreshment, writes Gina Christian.