Extend a hand to outsiders during Advent

It's hard to forgive the black sheep of the family or befriend lost souls, but Father Eugene Hemrick reminds that Advent is a time to go out on a limb and examine our ultimate purpose in life.

Christmas will matter if we make Advent matter

Deacon Greg Kandra offers three approaches to these most hectic days of the year that can help us experience Advent the way it was meant to be: a period of silence in which we let go of the busyness.

Want to add to hope, joy, reflection, healing? You can do Advent

If Catholics take time for Advent, which begins Dec. 1 this year, they can find it to be a meaningful season.

Thanksgiving: Gratitude for God’s gifts in life’s trying times

Natural and man-made destruction is present in many communities, but for a California resident it's been a tragic year. Still, Americans' gratitude comes from faith in God and our own acts of charity, in love.

Culinary prayer praises God’s abundant gifts

Here's a stuffing recipe for your Thanksgiving table that reflects the bounty of local produce -- with suggestions for local substitutes -- in gratitude for God's blessings through the year.

A King like no other has made us his heirs

True majesty is revealed in Christ, who became poor so that we might become rich, writes Msgr. Joseph Prior. By showing us how to love and to forgive, Jesus shares with us his everlasting power.

Readings of the Holy Mass: The Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe

Read or listen to the readings before Mass with these resources from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, using the New American Bible, Revised Edition.

Praising God inside prisons of many kinds

Meeting incarcerated migrants, who remain filled with faith and gratitude, reminds Gina Christian of the biblical command to offer thanks to God "in the land of our captivity," whatever form that exile takes.

Did Judas receive Communion at Last Supper?

In reply to a reader, Father Ken Doyle explains the doubt as to whether Judas was present when Jesus instituted the Eucharist, and what Judas' unworthy reception might mean.

The Liturgical calendar: Growing in Jesus through the years

As one liturgical year ends this Sunday and a new one begins in Advent the following Sunday, Jesuit Father Fran Gillespie shows how the rhythms of a calendar offer opportunities for spiritual growth.