From Penn State sexual abuse report, some striking similarities

Responding to editors’ requests for current commentary from around the Catholic press, Catholic News Service presents the following editorial from the July 29 issue of Our Sunday Visitor, a national Catholic newsweekly based in Huntington, Ind. It was written by the editorial board. At the request of the shell-shocked board of trustees of Pennsylvania State […]

On immigration, common sense from the court

Given all of the attention that followed the Supreme Court's ruling on the Affordable Care Act -- attention that was certainly warranted -- there's a chance that the high court's ruling on the draconian Arizona immigration law may not have received the attention it deserved. The ruling came down from the court on June 25 -- three days before the monumental health care decision. And in case you missed it or lost details of the immigration decision in the large shadow of health care reform, here's what happened:

Fortnight for Freedom: Time for Catholic witness

By now most Catholics are aware of the mandate of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services requiring employers to provide health services such as contraception and sterilization, even if such services violate the employer’s deepest moral principles. The health care reform measure of the Obama administration also so narrowly defines a religious organization […]

Parish mergers a painful reality

The plan announced last month to merge 12 parishes in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia was the result of months of discussion and review by parishioners, pastors, deans and regional bishops on up to Archbishop Charles Chaput, who gave final approval. As thoughtful and inclusive as the process was, no one is happy with the result, […]

How to help Catholics come back to church

Why do Catholics leave the Church? It’s a fair question that occupies the minds of Church scholars and leaders. It also occupies the hearts of people sitting around kitchen tables because almost every Catholic knows another Catholic who does not practice his or her faith. A son or daughter, sister or brother, parent, loved one, […]

What are you going to give up this Lent?

The Lenten rules about fasting from food and abstaining from meat have been considerably reduced in the last forty years, but reminders of them remain in the fast days on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday and in the abstinence from meat on all the Fridays of Lent. Beyond these common sacrifices that unite us spiritually […]

Chance for school choice might not come again

The Catholic community across Pennsylvania rose up to demand that their state legislators support school choice. Catholics with school-age children and those without sent letters, made phone calls and personal visits in the thousands with one message: we’re your constituents, and we want you to pass school choice legislation, especially in the form of vouchers. […]

Get ready for necessary changes of 2012

In a week’s time, Jan. 6, the Blue Ribbon Commission on Catholic education in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia will issue its long-awaited report. A year in the making, the report is expected to recommend significant and possibly large numbers of closures and consolidations of parish elementary and high schools in the region. The numbers are […]

Amid plenty, hunger

Christmas is all about the spiritual: Christians recall the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, and welcome him into our hearts. Of course there is the other side, which advertising won’t let you forget. Once a year, Christmas (and Hanukkah) opens a flood of gift-buying for loved ones. The National Retail Federation projects Americans will […]

School choice offers fairness, justice

“I’m failing in school. I try, but I’m not making it. I just don’t want to take another test and see another bad grade. A lot of kids in my class don’t try at all. A friend and a cousin go to a Catholic school, but my family can’t afford that. My mom tells me […]