At the Langhorne Monastery of St. Clare: ‘Our whole life is the Liturgy of the Hours’

By Lou BaldwinSpecial to The CS&T The lives of cloistered religious, whether they be monks or nuns, may be described by a single word – prayer. It is their constant. Prayer is not the interlude between work to sustain the abbey, or eating, or sleeping or recreation. Those are the interludes between prayers. Its most […]

Liturgy of the Hours: Praying with the whole church

By Lou BaldwinSpecial to The CS&T When young men arrive at St. Charles Borromeo Seminary to begin the long process of continued discernment and formation for the priesthood, they are probably aware that all priests pray daily from their breviary. What they may not then know is this daily prayer is really the Liturgy of […]

Web site offers resources for celebrating Advent, Christmas seasons

By Catholic News Service WASHINGTON (CNS) – Suggestions for daily prayer, reading, reflection and action throughout the Advent and Christmas seasons and other resources are part of a new web site created by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. The site,, features interactive online calendars with a menu of resources for each day of […]

Pope: Keep track of your blessings during Advent

By Cindy WoodenCatholic News Service VATICAN CITY – Advent should be a time when Christians keep track of the little blessings they receive each day, blessings that are signs of God’s love, Pope Benedict XVI suggested. “To keep a kind of ‘inner diary’ of this love would be a beautiful and healthy task,” the Pope […]

Web resources for the Liturgy of the Hours:

Full text of Day and Night prayer as PDFs:!OpenPage Night Prayer: From the Liturgy of the Hours is available from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops for $4.95. The volume, drawn from the Liturgy of the Hours, offers the last prayer of the day, from Monday to Sunday, together with hymns and psalmody, Scripture […]

During the day: God’s presence in prayer

Liturgy of the Hours series: Part IIBy Lou BaldwinSpecial to The CS&T If the Liturgy of the Hours is the Prayer of the Church, why for most of Church history was it not widely prayed by the laity? The very simple reason is that for most of Christian history the vast majority of the laity […]

Prayer through the day

Liturgy of the Hours series: Part I By Lou BaldwinSpecial to The CS&T “Come, let us worship the Lord, the king who is to come.” So begins the ancient prayer of the Church as it begins the liturgical year. This invitatory antiphon will start the day at many thousands of monasteries, convents and churches throughout […]