Supreme Court to examine religious liberty, foster care by same-sex couples

The court announced Feb. 24 that it will examine if the city of Philadelphia can exclude Catholic Social Services from the city's placement program, since the agency will not accept same-sex couples as foster parents.

Reconciling oneself to God leads to healing, pope says in Lenten message

Pope Francis called for increased compassion and "personally participating in the building of a better world" in observing Lent, which begins on Feb. 26 for Latin-rite Catholics.

Catholic Charities Appeal wins at Sixers game

A Feb. 20 match helped benefit the campaign, which raises vital funds for an array of archdiocesan ministries that assist tens of thousands. Catholic Human Services secretary James Amato received an official team shirt, to the delight of several program clients.

Mexican bishops call for action, boosting families as femicide increases

Recent brutal murders, with one victim just 7 years old, have sparked outrage across Mexico, forcing the nation to "confront an authentic educational emergency" that signals a loss of "the basic references of getting along together," the bishops said.

Australian High Court releases submissions for Cardinal Pell’s appeal

On March 11, the court will decide whether to grant the prelate a final chance to be cleared of historic child sexual abuse crimes. If leave is not granted, the cardinal will return to prison and serve out his term, at least 32 more months.

Mediterranean must be crossroad of peace, dialogue, pope says

Pope Francis condemned a "growing attitude of indifference and even rejection" of the poor and migrants as he addressed 60 bishops from Europe, the Middle East and North Africa Feb. 23 at the end of a five-day meeting in the Italian coastal city of Bari.

Leap year’s extra day has a Catholic origin

After years of being out of sync, the world's astronomical and calendar years were reconciled by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582, who added an extra day to February every four years, unless the year is divisible by 100 or 400.

Florida bishops call parental consent measure ‘common-sense legislation’

Passed on Feb. 20, the bill requires girls under 18 to obtain parental permission for abortion, with an exception for cases of abuse, incest or similar endangerment.

As coronavirus spreads, Holy Land Catholics concerned, but sites still open

After Israel reported that members of a South Korean tour group were infected with COVID-19, a spokesman for the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem said officials were advising pilgrims to follow health ministry instructions, without giving in to panic or rumors.

Pope recognizes miracle in sainthood cause of young tech whiz

Carlo Acutis, a 15-year-old Italian youth who died of leukemia in 2006, used his computer skills to create a database of worldwide Eucharistic miracles. His life of sanctity serves as an example to young people, said Pope Francis.