The light changes us

Michelle Francl-Donnay helps her chemistry students, and us, understand the quantum lessons of the Light that transforms the darkness of the world, and the heart. See our multimedia resources.

What is the cause for rejoicing? Liturgy reveals the answer

Msgr. Joseph Prior looks to the readings for the Third Sunday of Advent to see how the prophecy of Isaiah, fulfilled in Jesus, can help us focus on the Lord's coming and not be overwhelmed by the season.

Readings of the holy Mass – Third Sunday of Advent

Read or listen to the readings before Mass with the resources below from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, using the New American Bible, Revised Edition.

At Christmas, recognize your sin and let God caress you, pope says

Christmas, he said, is a celebration of the fact that "the Lord comes with his power -- which are his caresses -- to find us, to save us like lost sheep and bring us back to the flock of his church."

Pope: Can’t whitewash sin away; Jesus truly transforms penitent hearts

Jesus truly transforms and heals hearts when people let him, which means recognizing and being ashamed of one's sins, Pope Francis said at his morning Mass.

Advent Week Three: Gaudete Sunday

The tone of the third Sunday of Advent, Gaudete Sunday, is set by the coming joyful days of Christmas, which the Advent season awaits.

Advent joy for imperfect Christians

It is not mysterious at all that the church lodges an annual day of joy in the heart of Advent. The tone of this December day, called Gaudete Sunday, is set by the coming joyful days of Christmas, which the Advent season awaits.

Surprised by new life at Advent

Advent and pregnancy have much in common. Advent is all about anticipation, a looking forward to a mystery yet to be revealed. Like pregnancy, Advent, like pregnancy, invites us into a hopeful future that lies before us wrapped in a cloud of unknowing.

A people of patience

In the liturgical life of Catholics, waiting is a foregone conclusion. Advent is a time of waiting and preparation. Perhaps a more fitting word to describe this season would be "anticipation."

A change of heart, for an eternity of happiness

Commenting on the readings for the Second Sunday of Advent, Msgr. Joseph Prior writes that the season provides the time to look at how we live each day, and for renewal before the coming of the Lord.